Crystal Bracelet Bundle - Peace
Crystal Bracelet Bundle
crystal bracelet
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Crystal Bracelet Bundle - Peace

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If you can't just choose one, why not treat yourself to this bundle. These look so gorgeous worn all together.

Amazonite crystal bracelet

Calms the brain and nervous system while soothing emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear, teaching us to speak our truth. Known as the stone of truth, courage and good luck.

White Agate crystal bracelet

Stone of balance and release, beneficial for frustration and anxiety, releasing trauma and providing courage and trust. Often used as worry beads for support through less than easy times.

Crazy Lace Agate crystal bracelet

Increases emotional stability, enhancing grounding and aids you while recovering from fatigue and helping you go with he flow during difficult times. Known as the laughter stone, supportive and encouraging, helping you feel optimistic and happy.


*selenite tower for display purposes