Soul Sisters Unite was founded by three women, Janna, Melissa, and Nicky, whose lives were forever changed by Breast Cancer. 

During our own treatment we created a group to support each other with the sometimes uncertain road that is cancer. 

We reflect on this time with gratitude, for it was these circumstances that brought us together and created friendships that continue to enrich our lives in so many ways. We often reflect on how fortunate we were to have others helping us on the way and how we wanted to help others going through their own journey.

What do you give someone who has been diagnosed with cancer? 

We have been asked many times over the years what you should buy someone diagnosed with cancer, traditional gifts of flowers or chocolates while well meaning, are often not appropriate in the circumstances. There are however a number of things that comforted us during this time, so created with love our beautiful boxes are a thoughtful and loving way to show you care.

Soul Sisters Unite Care Boxes are filled with practical and sensitive items to help and support people through their cancer journey. Some of them are for now and others can be kept for longer. What they are filled with is love, hope and blessings from our journey to yours. 

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Sending quiet courage 

Mel, Janna & Nicky