Men’s Care Gift Box Full Of Essentials For Men With Cancer!

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Gift for males navigating cancer.

While receiving a cancer diagnosis can come as a shock and feel devastating for the patient, watching a loved one or friend suffer both physically and emotionally can be one of the hardest situations to find yourself in. People often describe feelings of helplessness, and have no idea how to navigate the unknown.  

The biggest challenge can be knowing how best to support them.  What do they need most, what do I say, what do I not say, how can I be there for them in their most vulnerable time? Even though everyone has their own unique experience and reaction to a diagnosis, these feelings seem to be universal among the supporting friends and family.  What do you do when there are no words?  

These gift boxes could be perfect for you to show you care.  

As we all know Cancer does not discriminate, and while you may think Soul Sisters Unite only focuses on women's cancer, we have not forgotten the important men in our lives. 

We have carefully selected products that helped us along our own cancer journeys, and created two cancer care packages for chemotherapy and radiation, that would be perfect for any man in your life. 

Our gifts for male cancer patients are listed below, filled with sensitive and practical items to help and support males through their own cancer journey.



This box is perfect for a male who is going through the challenges of chemotherapy treatment. The items are practical to help combat the physical side effects of treatment, as well as a hand fidget to help deal with nervous energy, or to simply pass the time.

 This gift box includes:

                Lip Balm
                Hand Sanitiser

                Cooling face mist

                hand fidget         
                Soft Toothbrush and toothpaste
                Ethique solid body wash bar
                Mild mint Gum



Men’s Care Radiation is a unique gift box for a male having radiation treatment.

The symptoms of radiation treatment are very specific, and that's why this box is so perfect. The box includes all the necessary practical items such as,

                Ethique solid body wash bar
                Natural moisturiser
                Lip Balm
                Chilly cooling towel
                Aloe Vera gel
                Hand fidget


A male cancer patient along with all cancer patients can at times feel alone so sending a little something to bring a smile and lift their spirits can mean the world to them. We've been through our own cancer experiences so we know what is helpful and we are here to help when it comes finding an appropriate gift box for your loved one.  


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