Quiet Courage - Soul Sisters CHEMO
Quiet Courage - Soul Sisters CHEMO
Quiet Courage - Soul Sisters CHEMO
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Quiet Courage - Soul Sisters CHEMO

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Send quiet courage to a woman who has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment.  This gift box is very dear to our hearts, and was born out of our vision of creating a care package that made the recipient feel courageous and empowered, especially at such a challenging time.

Filled with practical items to help ease physical symptoms, as well as our signature items to promote much needed self care, this gift box is perfect when you can't find the right words, and you want to let your loved one, your bestie or your work colleague know that they are in your thoughts, and you care about how they are feeling.  

SoulPops - Certified organic ceremonial grade Cacao, individually wrapped and naturally sweetened. Each SoulPop is hand-crafted onto a sustainable bamboo stirrer.

Ginger & Lemongrass Tea – T Bar Premium Silk Tea Bags, Caffeine free.  Perfect to    help alleviate symptoms of nausea and upset tummy. 

Coolmint PUR Gum – Aspartame Free. Can help with dry mouth associated with chemotherapy. 

Lip Balm – A Bit Hippy Coconut & Lime Natural Vegan Lip Balm with SPF, can be very soothing for very dry lips during treatment. 

Lula self warming eye mask - A warm hug for your eyes and mind, very relaxing

Selenite – A calming love heart stone for clarity and cleansing

Crystal bracelet – Rose Quartz “I am safe and nurtured. I open my heart to love myself and others.”

Journal – Perfect for journaling your thoughts and feelings.

Pen – Go for Zero Bamboo Pen (pen colour randomly selected)

Sunflower Seeds – A gift of seeds from Sow n Sow

Toothbrush – Go for Zero Bamboo “soft” toothbrush. Soft bristles are best for sensitive gums and mouth ulcers associated with chemotherapy.  

Toothpaste - Grants Toothpaste Mild Natural Mint