I absolutely adore crystals. I love the all the different colours, textures, shapes, and sizes. But more importantly I love how they make me feel.
I have dozens of crystals, and they are scattered all around my home. They’re at my front door to welcome visitors, on a bookshelf, sitting next to my computer, on my bedside table, and I even have a few that get carried around in my handbag!

We’re all just energy. When life (cancer) happens its only natural the energy inside of us changes. This is a response to what’s happening to us and around us, whether it be joyous, calming or stressful. When our precious energy becomes unbalanced and disturbed not only is it emotionally overwhelming but it can manifest into physical symptoms as well.

For me crystals are not just beautiful to look at and wear in a bracelet. They are a tool that can help me maintain a positive vibration, or help bring me back into alignment.
Each crystal has its own unique physical makeup that is believed to promote the flow of positive energy, benefiting body, mind and soul. And that can only be a good thing in times of stress!

As I incorporated crystals into my everyday life more and more after my treatment it became very obvious that my thoughts every day had a profound effect on my mental health. Setting intentions helped bring to light what I wanted to focus on and improve and this in turn helped to manifest clarity and gratitude.

There’s a few simple steps to take in order to get the most out of your crystals.

1. Cleanse your crystal. You can do this by running under cold water for a few minutes or you can place them next to a piece of Selenite if you have one already.
Cleansing is important because crystals absorb the energy around them, and can hold onto the energy of the last person to hold them in their hand.

2. Charge your crystal. The best way to charge your crystals is to leave them in direct sunlight or moonlight. The very best time is a full moon.

3. Activate your crystal for its intended purpose. It’s about setting an intention, like a very important promise to yourself’.
For example it could be to find peace in your heart, to forgive a certain situation or person, or something else equally important to you. For me when recovering from cancer treatment I had a few. Self love and giving myself permission to live more in the moments of life were two very prominent themes.

*Close your eyes and concentrate on your crystal. Try to visualise it surrounded by a beautiful white light and say your intention out loud, forming a little bridge between your intention and the universe.

*When you’re finished place the crystal in a place that you will see it, or you can carry it in your pocket, or wear it. The idea is that when you set eyes on the crystal you will be reminded of your intention and it will work its magic!

I once read thatwhat we focus on or believe about ourselves and the world, becomes our reality”. So focus on the reality that you really want.

The light in me honours the light in you. Nicky xxx

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