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Creating beautiful heartfelt gift boxes and care packs to uplift people working their way through a challenging time in their life, a cancer diagnosis, separation, anxiety, depression and may be feeling overwhelmed.  

Soul Sisters Unite officially launched in May 2021 in honor of the wonderful women in their lives who have faced challenging times and the uncertain road that life sometimes brings, they wish to share their experience and what helped them whilst going through cancer treatment and working their way through anxious times. 

Soul Sisters Unite was established with the goal of putting smiles on the faces of beautiful women undergoing cancer treatment or an overwhelming time, through specifically designed care boxes filled with both practical and self care items that women can use during those uncertain times. 

Our gift boxes feature beautiful images, that each have a special meaning for us at Soul Sisters Unite.  We have a magpie symbolising quiet courage, the courage that we find when we quietly look within ourselves, the courage to take each day as it comes.  There is the sunflower that symbolises that even in less than easy times we can find something to smile about.  The butterfly symbolises transformation and the embracing of the changes that may be ahead and to look to your future with hope, happiness and blessings.  Lastly, the three ladies symbolise the importance of mutual understanding and reaching out to others with similar experiences for support. 

Soul Sisters Unite, established in Gold Coast Australia, May 2021 celebrating our official launch party held at La Diosa Mexicana in Surfers Paradise.

Sending quiet courage

Mel, Janna & Nicky

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